Ian Webb

Ian Webb

SpecialityHead of Business Development, Eventsforce

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianwebb1982/

Ian is an event technology specialist who has spent the last 15 years managing conferences and developing complex technology solutions for hundreds of events globally. At Eventsforce, he advises clients on how they can use technology to maximise the value of their events – from registration and marketing to engagement and event reporting. He also works closely with them on managing complex data integration projects which allow organisations to manage their event data a lot more effectively.

As a regular speaker on the circuit, Ian is passionate about the potential of technology and its role in changing the way the events industry works.

About Eventsforce

Eventsforce provides SaaS event management software that powers thousands of successful events each year. With offices in London (UK) and Denver (US), its customers span 14 different countries and represent some of the leading names in associations, PCOs, finance, education, government, and publishing.
Whether you’re running simple events, awards ceremonies or a full-scale digital conference, Eventsforce’s all-in-one event management platform gives organizations the flexibility they need to run virtual, in-person and hybrid events – from next-generation registration and group ticketing tools to virtual event platform, mobile apps, networking, engagement and contactless check-in.
For more information about Eventsforce and how it can help with your in-person and online events, please visit: www.eventsforce.com